On the heels of her explosively brave revelation Bill Cosby allegedly tried to drug and have sex with her, supermodel icon Beverly Johnson is letting it all hang out in her new autobiography that sounds a lot like a cautionary tale!

The Face That Changed It All chronicles Johnson’s rise to becoming the very first Black woman to cover American Vogue in 1974 (Donayale Luna covered British Vogue in ’63). Johnson gets real on how she nearly overdosed on cocaine, and how she only drank black coffee and bloth to stay super skinny back in the day!


The 63 year-old beauty mogul reveals after top modeling agent Eileen Ford dismissed her with the word: “too fat”, she began starving herself until her model frame went from 125 to 103 pounds.

“I was eating nothing, zero,” Johnson shares. “I drank black coffee, a sip of broth if things got tough, and in the evening, a glass of champagne as a pick me up.”

Johnson says of models those days, “We didn’t even drink water. We thought it was fattening.”

Well damn!


Johnson tells People she once experienced convulsions in the back of a taxi and grabbed peanut M&Ms to bring her sugar level back.

“You didn’t have to think”, Johnson tells of how she survived those crazy years.

And when it comes to the fast life and coke-filled days of Studio 54, Johnson was all in the mix!

“The skinnier you were, the more fabulous you were,” said Johnson. “Drug use was encouraged. It was like ‘Oh my god, you are chiseled to the bone!'”

She continues, “All of the things you needed to be a high class model: high cheekbones, bright eyes, that was all provided by the drugs.”

Addicted to cocaine, Johnson says she was using one gram a day. “We thought it was glamorous and expensive,” she recalls. “But it was all a delusion,” she later warns.

In ’83, Johnson nearly suffered an overdose and her then boyfriend had to put her in a cold shower. She says she’s lucky to be alive today.

The survival tale continues over at People and in her new tell-all, that’s clearly a must-read for any young girl in search of the flashing lights!


Johnson also talks of love life with Sex and the City’s Chris Noth, Eddie Murphy and tennis legend Arthur Ashe.

Speaking on her love affair with Ashe, Johnson says, “If we married, we would have been the Beyonce and Jay-Z of our day!”

Op! It’s not too late to add another juicy page turner to your beach reads list!

Photo Credit: Gems/Redferns



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