16 May 2016

Confession: My Coworker’s Vagina Smells So Bad

There’s no right way to tell someone their lady parts reek!

08 Oct 2015

How to Keep Your Man During Football Season!

Your survival guide for the time of year men are glued to the big screen and ignoring the hell out of you!

14 Aug 2015

7 Tricks For the Most Tasty Vagina Ever!

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04 Aug 2015

Talk Tuesday: Why Do You Hate Kim Kardashian?

It’s Talk Tuesday! And we wanna know, how do you really feel about Kim K.?

23 Jun 2015

Talk Tuesday: Do You Call Your Man Daddy?

There will always be a pro and con to this question. Which side do you fall on?

09 Jun 2015

Talk Tuesday: What’s the Craziest Thing You Were Asked to Do in Bed?

Ever been asked to do something completely out of your comfort zone? Spill it! #talktuesday #jawbreaking

02 Jun 2015

Talk Tuesday: Who’s the Sexiest Player on the NBA Finals Court?

We’re popping the cork off an exciting new series! Weigh in on the hottest player holding down the NBA Finals court! #talktuesday #jawbreaking