Iggy Azalea was at the top of the world this time last year.

Her first hit single “Fancy,” featuring Charli XCX, was an inescapable summer smash. She broke the Beatles’ historic 1964 record, topping her own number one single “Problem,” her collab with Ariana Grande, with “Fancy.”

The Australian performer collaborated on chart toppers with some of music’s biggest stars like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, and with NBA star Nick Young on her arm, professionally, Azalea had what many artists would kill for—except for the fact people can’t stand her.

She’s been the butt of social media jokes from looking like the sisters from White Chicks to her reputation of being a diva.

And when it comes to her shameless appropriation of Black culture—the vernacular, Hip Hop and body form included—she turned her nose up at the criticism. Her mentor T.I. couldn’t even save her.


Now with the recent cancellation of her Great Escape world tour and after being unceremoniously ousted from a scheduled performance at Pittsburgh Pride, after gay rights groups discovered a series of homophobic and racist tweets she sent earlier in her young career as reason not to have her perform. Not to mention, her tragic plastic surgery Meg Ryan-style makeover without warning at this year’s Billboard Awards, where she controversially snagged “Top Rap Artist” award—also protested by fans with a petition— it’s pretty safe to declare the code-switching rapper’s reign is swiftly approaching a beaming red exit sign and here are all the reasons why!


8. Media Gave Her Too Much Credit

Forbes did a bang-up job of trolling the hip hop community with a headline the publication has since backpedaled on: “Hip Hop is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman.” This of course in reference to Azalea.

It was the first sword in Azalea’s swift and operatic tragedy. She has the money-counting media brand to blame for putting her on the map as the White blonde who cut the line to musical success, well, because she’s a White blonde.

7. She Doesn’t Write Her Own Lyrics.

During her acceptance speech last year during the BET Awards, Nicki Minaj called out female rappers who didn’t write their own lyrics. It was obvious this was shade toward Azalea.

Her mentor, T.I., denied writing for her. But during an interview at SXSW this year, Skeme told music journalist Sway he wrote the “who dat, who dat” line in “Fancy” because he’s a New Orleans Saints fan. It’s also safe to say Charli XCX’s hook on the song was the reason for its hotness.

6. She. Can. Not. Rap.

If you can’t spit a freestyle, you can’t call yourself a rapper. No argument needed here. Freestyling meaning—not spitting rehearsed lines from unreleased material.

In 2013, during a visit to “Sway in the Morning,” Sway asked Azalea to freestyle over a beat. She ultimately did, by rapping lyrics from a song that wasn’t released and not over the beat Sway gave her.

She also refused in the beginning saying, “I can not give you a hot 16 over this hood ass beat.”

5. Too Many Social Media Screw Ups.

Social media was never one of Azalea’s strengths. If she wasn’t beefing with her nemesis Azealia Banks, she was calling out Papa John’s pizza or having her old racist and homophobic tweets being brought back to life.

When one of hip hop’s OG’s, Q-Tip, tried to school the young Aussie on the culture she was making a living off of, she dismissed him saying she “didn’t want to play hip hop squares with a stranger.”

4. She Didn’t Win A Single Grammy and Not A Single Person Wanted Her To.

Azalea was nominated for four Grammy Awards at this year’s ceremony, but went home without a single statue.

Leading up to the show, there were loads of think pieces written on why she shouldn’t win. If Azalea had in fact won, social media would have gone into overdrive, but of course, Black Twitter came for her anyway.


3. Coming for Pop Queen Britney Spears with a Subtweet Because, Why?

Even though the Azalea and Britney Spears’ collab “Pretty Girls” is easily one of the worst songs of the year, when you, as a new artist, have the opportunity to partner with a pop queen, what you don’t do is throw them under the bus for the song’s dismal sales.

Azalea responded to a fan’s tweet during a Twitter Q&A about the song’s poor sales saying, “It’s difficult to send a song up the charts without additional promo and TV performances, etc. Unfortunately, I’m just featured. I would have enjoyed performing it a lot, I think it got off to a powerful start. But you need content to compete in 2015.”

Well damn!

2. Her World Tour Never Happened.

Artists Tinashe and Nick Jonas were slated to join Azalea on her much-hyped world tour. When the tour was pushed to the fall, Tinashe and Jonas bounced. Tinashe later joined Nicki Minaj on the road.

After not being able to get replacement opening acts and low ticket sales, the tour was cancelled altogether.

This became her “I told you so!” moment, especially considering Azalea used the tour in her nasty comebacks to her critics on Twitter.


1. Appropriating a Culture With No Fuck Given.

And what’s arguably the single, biggest reason Azalea’s recording career is on the outs has to be how she appropriates Black culture while simultaneously throwing all fucks to the wind.

The Australia-native’s insistence on rapping with a southern accent caused music fans—Black, White, and every race in between–not only to clown her but to call her out for jocking Black culture in a highly racist climate with ongoing police brutality incidents, with no advocacy or attempt given to use her star power—earned on the backs of Black culture—to bring more awareness to the critical issue.

When the Michael Brown and Eric Garner verdicts were reported, confirming both cops responsible for killing the unarmed Black men wouldn’t receive jail time, fans—as well as Banks— engaged Azalea on why she was inaudible about the upset. Instead of emphasizing with fans’ frustration, Azalea used her social media prowess to chastise them.

The performer’s rampant controversies and professional fails show no signs of a serious comeback. But we don’t doubt Azalea will make an attempt.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.