Summer is almost over, and as we say goodbye to beach days, open-toe booties and frozen cocktails, we eagerly greet addictive fall television!

Primetime television will be nothing short of spicy this season with returns of our faves including “Empire” and “Scandal”. But there’s a few dope newcomers slated to premiere in time for bae spooning, spiked hot cocoa and heated blankets!

Check out our ranking of TV’s most anticipated fall premieres!

7. “Limitless”  Tuesday, September 22nd 10/9CT on CBS

New in the fall lineup this year is the CBS show “Limitless”, based off of the 2011 movie starring Bradley Cooper. Feelings about this show are still a bit up in the air. The show’s main character Brian Finch, uses the drug NZT to unlock the full potential of his brain and with his new found abilities is coerced into working with the FBI. There seems to be a rivalry with a resident investigator and a romantic fling somewhere in the mix, but it will be sad watching without Bradley Cooper to stare at, who makes a small cameo in the series’ premiere episode. To be fair, Jake McDorman, who plays Brian Finch, isn’t bad to look at either, but we’re crossing our fingers Hill Harper will come in and steal the show!

6. “Rosewood” Wednesday, September 23rd 8/7 CT on Fox

This show would be number one on this list if it were based on eye candy alone. Morris Chestnut is the Miami’s top private pathologist, Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Junior, in the new Fox buddy cop show, “Rosewood”. The trailer for this series makes you want more and not just because Chestnut jogs on the beach shirtless in two separate shots. Dr. Rosewood has an optimistic outlook on life because he battles his own issues, one of which being the two holes in his heart.  His new partner Detective Villa, Jaina Lee Ortiz, is a chick with a hard ass attitude and the two have a very cute good-cop, bad-cop kind of energy. Fox might just have another hit on their hands!

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5. “Scream Queens” Tuesday, September 22nd 8/7 CT on FOX

This show has been on our radars for a while and with a heavy hitting young all-star cast “Scream Queens” is sure to be a series premiere with high numbers! A show of murders rocks one of the snarkiest sorority houses on campus, targeting the organizations most rag tag set of pledges yet. Something like House Bunny meets “American Horror Story: Coven”, Fox’s “Scream Queens” is just the right balance of creepy, style and comedy. The cast lineup includes the likes of Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Neicy Nash, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, and the list goes on! We’re just as excited to see glo’d up Jonas with his shirt off and our girl Nash as a dysfunctional cop once more!

4. “American Horror Story: Hotel” Wednesday, October 3rd 10/9 CT on FX


There’s no question”American Horror Story” is an absolute cult favorite, but the fifth season has definitely upped the excitement factor with Lady Gaga taking a leading role in “American Horror Story: Hotel”. Gaga’s “ancient blood virus” role takes over Jessica Lange’s place as the show’s resident diva. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Angela Basset will be returning and we all know she adds an agelessly genius element to any season she takes part in. This season is set in a haunted hotel and has an amazing lineup of stars and guest stars including a scene where Naomi Campbell gets swallowed up by a mattress!

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3. “How To Get Away  With Murder” Thursday, September 24th 10/9 CT on ABC

In just a few short weeks season two of this explosive murder mystery drama from the mind of Shondaland will begin and boy is there a lot to cover! At the end of last season we learned Lila’s killer was in fact Frank working under Sam’s orders and Annalise and Frank found Rebbecca’s dead body. There is just so much we need to know! After just one season, “How To Get Away With Murder” had us hooked and we can’t wait to see where Viola Davis takes us this time!

2. “Scandal” Thursday, September 24th 9/8 CT on ABC

Gladiators get excited, because Shonda Rhimes has declared that the fifth season of “Scandal” will make its way back to its white hat roots! The last few seasons of Scandal have taken some turns that drove it away from the Olivia Pope group of white hats we first met, but season five promises to bring us back the gladiators love, not to mention some new cast members. Some of the promotional material has us side-eyeing a little bit as Mellie, Fitz, and Olivia all look just a little too close, but we’re still going to grab our red wine and popcorn and tune in!

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1. “Empire” Wednesday, September 23rd 9/8 CT on FOX

There really isn’t much to say about this, except September 23rd, it’s going down! The phone will get set to Do Not Disturb and our Twitter fingers will be shade-ready. The first season of “Empire” broke records across the board in viewership and created some true fan favorites in actors Jussie Smollett and Taraji P. Henson. Season two has a lot to live up to and a ton of questions to answer, but we have faith in Lee Daniel’s creation. Who’s running the Empire? Did Andre really kill Vernon? Where can we get Cookie’s lipstick?!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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