Michael B. Jordan is on the rise as one of the hottest actors in Hollywood and he’s the #MCM for a lot of women, including us!

Along with his boyishly sexy looks, Jordan, who struck it big with his moving, break out role in Fruitvale Station, is wildly talented actor who you can catch this weekend as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four!


The 28-year-old Newark, New Jersey-native covers DuJour magazine this month and gets personal about who he really is, what’s prepared him for his career today, his view on love and relationships and why he chooses to stay humble!

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We dug through Jordan’s cover story and pulled out some the hottest and most personal deets we were dying to know!


He owns his own home!

Jordan recently purchased a West Hollywood home, which might need a few upgrades. “There’s going to be a few ‘do it yourself’ projects for sure,” he said. “I can already see the headlines: ‘Michael B. Jordan Loses Finger and Arm While Installing Cabinets.’” What sold him was he could imagine his whole family there.

He’s a nerd and we love it!

Most of Jordan’s free time is spent collecting graphic novels and Japanese anime. He’s also pursuing developing animated films of his own.


He’s a good guy, but not a saint.

So far, Jordan has played likeable characters that make fans and viewers root for him. Because he does such a good job, many expect for him to be this wholesome guy off-camera, which is true, kind of.

“It’s so weird people think they know me based on my character, and I’ve played some pretty good guys,” said Jordan. “I think I’m a good guy, but I have my moments—I’m not a saint at all.”

Uses his parents’ 30-year marriage as #RelationshipGoals.

As for relationships, Jordan is super traditional and is not a fan of dating apps. Damn! Looks like we won’t find him on MELD!

Jordan uses his parents, who have been married 30 years, as his relationship role models.

“Sometimes, you think you’re gonna be young forever. You get stuck in that fun phase. My family environment growing up is very much what I want eventually. It gives me hope and a longing for something more than the surface kind of relationships that you have so much. I always use them as a gauge. They were 28 and 29 when they got married. So I have a year…But unless something dramatic goes down, I don’t see that happening.”


Remains humble with his success.

Jordan is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood. His face is on billboards and magazine covers, but throughout it all, he remains the same as he always was, which he says can be challenging.

“People say you change when you get successful. But that’s not really how it works. I think when you start getting successful people assume you’re going to be difficult, so they change. So you’re in this weird place where you’re trying to convince someone that knows you that you’re still the same. It’s like, ‘Why do I have to do that?’”

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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