Holiday decorations are popping up from department store windows to Starbucks cups which means Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  If you and bae have really been getting close you might be headed over to his family’s place for sweet potato pie.

His family might love your quirky personality and fun conversations but none of it really matters if you can’t hit it off with his mama! We know it’s hard, mom is never easily sold on the girl her baby brings home, so we’ve got some tips to help you survive and win at Thanksgiving with Mama Bae!

4 Ways to Win Over Bae’s Mother This Thanksgiving! - Jawbreaker

Get Your Facts Straight!

Before you meet your potential in-laws you need to take a minute with your man and just get a few facts down. Showing up to someone’s house and knowing nothing about them is a sure fired way to lose!

Find out if mom and dad drink and if they’d be offended if you drank in their house. It sounds weird, but if you show up at their door with an expensive bottle of champagne and they’re not alcohol-friendly, you’ll end up looking like an idiot and offending them all at the same time.

Definitely make sure you find out his parent’s name and what they prefer to be called and definitely consult bae on their political or religious beliefs. You don’t want to end up in a pro-life vs. pro-choice battle over cranberry sauce!

4 Ways to Win Over Bae’s Mother This Thanksgiving! - Jawbreaker

Don’t Try Too Hard!

Your man’s mom is first and foremost a mom and can she smell B.S. a mile away. So don’t bother faking like you’re perfect.

Don’t binge watch all of her favorite TV shows just so you can fake like you’re obsessed and force a conversation about it. Don’t bother learning the name of her childhood pet or hero; and don’t practice conversations with her with your man.

You will ultimately psych yourself out trying to so hard to relate to her and remember all of the things you crammed into your mind overnight. Be natural, let conversation flow and just be yourself, once you start a facade you’ll never be able to keep it up.

4 Ways to Win Over Bae’s Mother This Thanksgiving! - Jawbreaker

Be Comfortable, But Not too Comfortable !

No one wants somebody in their home to sit around awkwardly or look out of place. It’s not a fun time for anyone.

You might be nervous and can’t help being a little uptight and withdrawn, but don’t be afraid to genuinely engage with everyone.

What you shouldn’t do though, is kick of your shoes and kick it on the couch. This isn’t your family (yet) and even though they’ve welcomed you into their home, treating it like you actually live there is not cute.

4 Ways to Win Over Bae’s Mother This Thanksgiving! - Jawbreaker

Do Not Call Her Mom!

Under absolutely no circumstance should you refer to your boyfriends mother as mom. She is not your mom and it is the quickest way to loose all the points with her before you’ve even started.

Calling her mom is you inserting yourself into the family instead of waiting for them to be comfortable enough to embrace you.

Call mom by whatever her preferred name is, and don’t worry because she will most certainly tell you what to call her. If you’re unsure, Mrs. (Insert Last Name) is always a safe bet until told otherwise.



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