Generation X was all about being up in the club.

The nightlife culture of the ’90s and even early 2000s was definitely controlled by club hopping, but as Generation X phases into family life and parenting, the night now belongs to millennials, and clubbing just doesn’t seem high on the list anymore.

More and more nightclubs are seeing a decline in the number of millennials who frequent them and it’s rare to catch a millennial who hits the club maybe more than once a month. So why aren’t millennials about that club life and what are they doing instead?

  1. We’re not about wasting money.

Contrary to generation X’s belief, this generation is really not quick to part ways with their hard earned cash. A night out club hopping is like watching half of your paycheck slip through your fingers.

Unless you’re going on a special night, there’s the cover charge just to get into a place. Once you’re in, the drink prices are ridiculous. Eighteen dollars for a flute of champagne and a drop of Hennessy? No, thanks!

Then there’s the hassle of transportation, no one wants to try to keep their balance in a subway car after a night of drinking so we order an Uber or Lyft and their goes another wad of cash.

The whole clubbing experience has gotten expensive and frankly millennials are quite cheap.

2. Clubbing isn’t enough of an experience.

Instead of club hopping, people are hopping on planes and jetting off to different places to get new experiences. Millennials are all about getting the most out of their time and clubbing isn’t really much of an experience to write home about.

More and more millennials are opting for nights out at singular experiences. Secret city speakeasy’s, curated wine tastings, and nights at art museums; this generation may be digital but we’re far from lacking culture.

Nowadays we would rather have a stamp in our passports than on the back of our hands!

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3. We don’t have time.

Millennials are a group that’s always on the go and definitely a generation of immediacy. We consider our time precious and anything we do we want it done now. Clubbing is a lot of wasted time.

There’s time spent waiting in line just to get in the club. When you get in the club you spend time waiting to get to the bar, then when you get to the bar you have to fight to get the bartender’s attention. There’s lines for the bathroom, little space to push your way to the dance floor.

At least 50 percent of your night is spent fighting your way to a place to enjoy yourself and at that point the gains just don’t outweigh the loss of time.

4. We never really meet people at clubs.

There was a point when going clubbing was a mainstay in scoping out a potential boo, but that time has come and gone! Millennial women aren’t typically interested in men who spend all their time in the clubs to begin with.

Aside from that, the club isn’t a good place to interact with someone if you want to do more than grind your ass into their crotch.

The club is loud, dark, and with the amount of people squeezed onto the dance floor it’s pretty tight.

Millennials would rather swipe through Tinder in peace and set up meetups with potential baes in a setting they have some control over.

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

Ariel is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and creator of Revolutionary In Pink Pumps blog. She is equally obsessed with social justice, lipstick, culture, and red wine.