Congratulations America, You Played Yourself

A lot of us went to bed last night or early this morning hoping the inevitable would not happen. Even though the 2016 Presidential Election was closer than many of us would have expected, all hope wasn’t lost and it was possible Hillary Clinton could pick up the electoral votes needed (270) to become the 45th President.

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Over the past several hours, America has shown how racist and sexist it really is. Donald Trump is your new President-elect. He’s secured 289 electoral votes to Clinton’s 218.

This is not about Black voters or millennial voters not turning out at the polls. 66 percent of White women voted for Trump. Clinton didn’t even have the support from those who looked like her.

Last night on CNN, political analyst, Van Jones, summed up the thoughts of many regarding this election’s results, “This was a whitelash against a changing country.”


It’s going to be LONG four years.


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Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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