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Tyra Banks Is Launching Her Own Line of Skin Care Products!

You probably have already heard of Tyra Banks‘ makeup line, Tyra Beauty, which are reasonably-priced products. Adding to her Tyra Beauty brand, the former supermodel has launched a skin care line which includes three new items. Who wouldn’t want to take skin care advice from a woman whose looked the same for the past 15-20 years.

“Everybody knows I love makeup and I’m all about transforming the face into a beautiful portrait—a masterpiece,” Banks told Allure.

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“What people may not know is that I am also a firm believer in healthy skin-care habits and routines.”

The three skin care products you can expect from Banks are The Clean Machine (a triple-threat cleanser), The Closer (a hydrating repair serum) and The Secret Weapon (a microdermabrasion wand).

Tyra Banks Is Launching Her Own Line of Skin Care Products! - Jawbreaker

Because we all know Banks has a legendary face, her skin has always remained flawless and because she gets so many questions about her skin care regimen, this made her jump into a new industry.

“I always get asked, ‘Tyra how do you do it? You look so young,’ which is why I wanted to launch skin care for Tyra Beauty,” she said.

“It’s all about starting with the right canvas.”

The Tyra Beauty skin care line is described as being “simple, yet effective.”

The Clean Machine, which retails for $29, works as both a makeup remover and gentle exfoliator. The Secret Weapon gives you a microdermabrasion facial for just $49. The Closer, $39, is a calming and hydrating serum-and-moisturizer combo that can be used after The Clean Machine.

There’s also The Instant Gratification Mask, $49, where you get a set of eight individually packaged masks, and you leave one on your face for 8 minutes and see results. Skin is said to look firmer and brighter.

These products sound like they’ll be good for fall since it’s when our skin becomes drier than usual.

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