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Theories On Why Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery Was A Sham (From the Critics)

As you know by now, Kim Kardashian was the victim of an armed robbery in Paris while she was in her hotel room. As more information has come out about the case, we learn Kim thought the armed men were going to rape her and she pleaded with them not to take her life because she has children.

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What’s interesting in the fallout from this event is the public’s reaction. Many are calling this a publicity stunt, while others are blaming Kim for this happening. Any other time, society, especially those on the Internet, are very much against victim-blaming especially when it comes to violent acts committed against women. It seems like this time, people are getting a pass or giving themselves a pass on victim-blaming due to how they feel about the Kardashian family.

This whole situation has become a conspiracy theorist’s dream with new theories on how this robbery could have been a sham.


1.) Wendy Williams believes this was an inside job, but doesn’t put it past the Kardashians to fake this robbery

Wendy Williams is always the voice of reason in anything celebrity-related, so of course the top story on her show on Monday, was about Kim’s robbery. She tried to keep herself from laughing when talking about it, but failed miserably. The talk show host said she hopes Kim isn’t making up any of the details for dramatic effect. Williams also feels this was all an inside job.


2.) Kim Kardashian’s Former Bodyguard Calls Her Robbery Karma

A former bodyguard of Kim’s, Steve Sanulis, who was fired by her husband, Kanye West, has been making his media rounds since the news broke. During one interview, he said he does not believe Kim will ever stop flaunting her wealthy lifestyle on social media, which many are blaming on her robbery.

Sanulis also shared his thoughts with PerezHilton.com, saying, “I don’t know if I could have taken down five assailants with guns, [or] it could be karma coming around. Look, they had this coming to them. They do not respect the importance of security when you have a profile as strong as theirs. When I worked for them Kanye would take off on his own in a cab and leave me behind to take another cab. It used to infuriate me as I wasn’t doing my job as well as I could have.”

Let’s keep in mind this man was fired and may have an ax to grind.


3.) Karl Lagerfeld Is Another One Blaming Kim For Flaunting Her Wealth Online

Karl Lagerfeld, Creative Director of Chanel, and also a Kardashian family friend, shared his thoughts about Kim’s Paris robbery after his Chanel fashion show at Paris Fashion Week.

“I don’t understand why she was in a hotel with no security and things like this,” he said. “If you are that famous and you put all your jewelry on the net, you go to hotels where nobody can come near to the room. You cannot display your wealth and then be surprised that some people want to share it with you.”

He went on to say how the robbery is making Paris look bad.

“Image-wise I think it is very bad. We make all the efforts to make Paris appealing and then, apparently [the robbers] were people from the east. Eastern Europe.”

Lagerfeld did show his support for Kim by posting an Instagram photo holding a sign which said, “Dearest Kim, We are all with you. Love, Karl.”

Photo Credit: NBCNews.com

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