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Could We Be Getting A Destiny’s Child Reunion in 2017?

Before Beyonce was a music superstar, she was a member of the chart-topping and multi-platinum-selling girl group, Destiny’s Child. The group split in 2005 after the release of their last album, Destiny Fulfilled.

2017 will mark Destiny’s Child’s 19th anniversary. Their self-titled debut album and first single, “No, No, No,” hit airwaves in 1998.

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So, what’s causing many to think the group could be headed for a reunion? This week, an official Destiny’s Child Instagram account popped up with many fans speculating a reunion could be on the horizon next year.

Even if the group doesn’t release new music, a reunion tour would be amazing.  We all remember their Super Bowl performance in 2013. They haven’t missed a step. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.


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Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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