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Black People Came Out In Droves to See “The Birth of a Nation”

After a press tour The Birth of a Nation writer, producer, director and star, Nate Parker, would probably like to forget about, the film finally arrived in theaters Friday, October 7.

It opened number 6 at the box office with $7.1 million which many critics are calling a disappointment due to the film’s exposure, cost and the record amount ($17 million) its distributor Fox Searchlight paid at the Sundance Film Festival back in January.

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Since August, The Birth of a Nation was marred in controversy due to its leading man, Parker, being at the center of scandal due to his 1999 rape case being brought into the public eye. Parker’s interviews about the situation were hit or miss and it turned people off from seeing the film.

However, The Birth of a Nation received an A Cinemascore, which means those who saw it enjoyed it. It was the top film among Black moviegoers in “several African American neighborhood theaters” around the country especially in the south.

It’s possible the film could still be an Oscar contender and those are typically not box office hits. We’ll have to wait to see if it gets an Oscar nod.





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