5 Facts You Need to Know About PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel

This past weekend we learned PayPal cofounder, Peter Thiel, is donating $1.25 million to Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign. His donation will be given to Super PACs and spread throughout the Trump’s campaign. In light of this news, the hashtag #BoycottPayPal began trending to get people to stop using the popular payment service.

Not much was known about Thiel before this move, but here are five things you should know about the tech founder.

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  1. Thiel spoke at this year’s Republican National Convention

Not only did he speak, but he announced on stage that he is gay. Anyone who is familiar with Thiel and his views does not seem too surprised he is donating to Trump’s campaign because he has been one of his most prominent supporters in Silicon Valley.

2. He’s known for having extreme views

Thiel has out-of-the-box ways when it comes to his beliefs. He’s described as a libertarian who invested money to make people immortal, develop floating cities away from the reach of governments and convince young people not to go to college.

3. This is not his first controversial donation

Controversial donations are not new to Thiel. He recently lent his money to Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit Gawker, which caused the company to go bankrupt.

4. His parents are immigrants

Thiel, who has immigrant parents, is Trump supporter given the disrespectful things the Republican presidential candidate has said about immigrants.

5. His company is battling a racial discrimination suit

Palantir Technologies, is a a company Thiel cofounded, and it’s currently embroiled in a racial discrimination suit with the Department of Labor. None of this looks good for technology community which is always called out for its lack of minorities and women in the workplace.


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Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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