You Can Do Your Nails On the Go With The Ciate London Mani Marker!

Almost every woman enjoys getting her nails done. It’s a treat for yourself after a long week of work and allows you some time for relaxation. However, when we get busy with life, we don’t always have time to make an appointment with our favorite manicurist and then we find ourselves mid-week with an event to attend, and our nails are on struggle.

To help with those moments where the nail salon just isn’t an option, Ciate London has created a Mani Marker, which is a nail-polish pen. The Mani Marker is convenient and easy to carry and can be used while you’re on the go.

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When tested, it was found you need to press down the stiff and angled tip onto the nail for 45-60 seconds so it allows the polish to flow downwards. While you’re applying, you need to continue pressing down so the polish is applied evenly on the nail. Once applied, it’s said the application looks like a stain or opaque glaze and can be streaky. A clear top coat can take care of this.

The Mani Marker comes in five shades such as  Thrill Seeker (a teal blue), Role Model (a deep indigo), Beauty Queen (a hot pink), Lady Luck (a cherry red) and Vintage Vamp (a rich Bordeaux). They’re available and can be purchased on Ciate’s website.

No, it will not replace your gel manicure or favorite nail polish, but when you’re in a bind, these might come in handy.


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