Everything You Need to Know About Mary J. Blige’s Interview With Hillary Clinton

Well, it’s finally here. The interview social media couldn’t stop talking (or joking) about is available for our viewing pleasure. Now streaming on Apple Music, is Mary J. Blige‘s interview with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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As you know by now, the teaser clip of Blige singing Bruce Springsteen‘s, “American Skin,” to Clinton was the butt of several jokes and memes on social media this week.

We now know what the conversation entailed and here are the highlights.

Blige was nervous 

Blige’s interview with Clinton was her first for her new Apple Music show, “The 411 with Mary J. Blige.” The interview was in San Francisco during Clinton’s campaign trail. Blige said she was nervous because for Clinton, this was probably her biggest interview culturally.


Blige and Clinton bonded over faith and family

The two began the interview talking about their faith and how it guides them throughout their lives and influences any decisions they make. Blige brought up being raised by a single mother who worked three jobs and how she looked at her mother as her hero. Clinton echoed those same sentiments and shared how her mother was abandoned by her parents. Clinton said her mother gave her words she lives by.


Blige asks Clinton how she deals with being scrutinized

Blige mentions that she’s going through a divorce and asks Clinton how she’s dealt with being she and her family being scrutinized for decades. Clinton says she relies on her faith, family, friends and people close to her. “Difficult things happen to everybody,” said Clinton. “But when you’re in the public eye, it exaggerates them…I think it’s important to stay grounded in who you are and what’s important because the public eye has a way of magnifying things that aren’t important and dismissing things that are.”

Clinton went on to say her mantra is, “Take criticism seriously, but don’t take it personally.”


You can watch the interview below.

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