Tinder and Spotify Come Together So You Can Judge Potential Dates On Their Music Tastes

When it comes to dating, everyone has their list of dos and don’ts. For some people who consider themselves “music enthusiasts,” finding someone with similar music tastes is important. Most of the times, you won’t really get to know the type of music someone’s into until you’ve spent a certain amount of time with them.

Well, Tinder and Spotify are teaming up to take the guesswork out of deciphering what’s on a potential mate’s playlist. Now Tinder users are able to link their profile to their Spotify. If you have some musical guilty pleasures, the good thing is people are only able to see what you show them. Tinder is letting you choose an “anthem” to add to your profile that other users will be able to listen to.

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To link your Tinder and Spotify, you have to first, find a song you like on Spotify to display as your anthem, go to Tinder settings, connect to Spotify, and then select some other other artists from the streaming platform to display on your profile.

This new feature could work because if you match with someone who likes the same songs and artists you do, then you already have something to talk about when you guys first meet.

Similar music tastes may not be a big deal for some, but for others it’s a way to show off their personality and match with someone they may not have.


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