The iPhone 7 Drops In A Few Weeks–But Here’s What We Might Get With the iPhone 8!

Last week, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 7 which has its pros and cons. The camera is improved, which is a win for bloggers and digital influencers. But the headphone jack is no more, and Apple is pushing wireless headphones such as their AirPods and the social media consensus is no one is interested.

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Some people aren’t moved by the iPhone 7 and would rather spend their money on the iPhone 8, which may be released September 2017. Because 2017 is the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone, it’s expected Apple will pull out all the stops and create a phone unlike any of its predecessors. Rumor also has it Apple will not have an “S” series and will instead come out with a new number.

The biggest rumor is the iPhone 8’s screen will take up the entire front of the phone. The menu button, speakers, mic and camera will all be included in the display. It’s possible wireless charging will also be a feature.

To find out more about what we can possibly expect from the iPhone 8, watch the YouTube video from iCrackedUriDevice.

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