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“Are You Still Texting Bitches?”: ‘Rob & Chyna’ Episode 1 Recap

On Sunday night, the first episode of “Rob & Chyna” premiered on E! and viewers learned a few things. The couple are expecting a baby girl, Chyna is crazy (and not just because she’s pregnant), Rob needs to get his name on the mortgage so he won’t keep getting kicked out and it’ll be very surprising if these two actually make it down the aisle.

During the first half of “Rob & Chyna,” we learn they have a baby girl on the way. Anyone who watched “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” knows Rob is close to his mother and she does a lot for him. Rob being a “Mama’s Boy” is starting to annoy Chyna and she expresses how she wants to be with a man.

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Then the loving couple gets into an argument about privacy and going through each other’s phones. Rob accuses Chyna of texting other guys, even her ex, Tyga. The scene we’ve all been waiting for where Chyna yells into the phone, “Are you still texting bitches, yes or no?!!” is granted to us.

Rob gives Chyna flowers to apologize, but she then throws them into the pool and kicks him out of her house…again.

Oh, and the part about Chyna being crazy, it’s not just because she’s hormonal and pregnant. You can tell she really acts like that based on how her friends are not phased by her yelling and being dramatic.

Chyna confides in her friend, Paige, about the issues she’s having with Rob and Paige tells her the truth, saying, “You made that choice, so deal with it.”


The previews for the rest of the season show the couple’s issues, mainly Chyna wanting more out of Rob. He is going through depression and JUST started going out in public, so you can’t expect too much at this point.



If this show was supposed to convince us Rob and Chyna are going to make it to marriage, we’ll need more episodes.


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