How Do You Feel About Having to Pay Every Time You Hit the Snooze Button?

Getting up in the morning can be hard for a lot of us. In the early hours of the day when our bodies just want to stay sleep a little bit longer, the snooze button instantly becomes our friend. Sometimes we hit snooze too many times we end up having to rush and get ready for work.

In order to break this snooze habit, there’s a new app in development called Dooze. Dooze charges you for every time you hit the snooze button. It was developed by Jade Feng, Junshu Okamoto, and Muhammed Gü and works by connecting with Braintree, which is a branch of PayPal, and charges your credit card every time you turn off your alarm on your Amazon Alexa device. You’re able to choose how much money you want to pay per snooze.

After you hit snooze a second time, the price you’re charged goes up. The third time, a friend will call to wake you up.

Dooze is not compatible with phones and only works with Amazon Alexa. However, even if you use Amazon Alexa, Dooze is not available with the current version of Alexa because it does not allow users to set this type of alarm.

The creators behind Dooze hope it gets added to the next version of Alexa.


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Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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