Are You A Beauty Product Junkie Who Needs to Get Organized? There’s An App For That!

As we grow and learn more about what works best for us when it comes to hair and makeup, the amount of beauty products we come to own increases. You need more than one type of foundation, concealer, lipstick, highlighter, etc.

One of the downsides of having too many beauty products is keeping them all organized and easy to find. Because technology has become our lifeline, there is now an app that can help you with your beauty product organization.

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Lovelyloot was launched in August and is said to be “a user-friendly, fun way to keep track of all your beauty products.” It gives you options to customize folders, make wish lists and keep track of the products you use daily.

“As someone who loves beauty products, Lovelyloot was born from my own frustration,” said the company’s founder, Ida Linden, to

“I’d tried everything from a short-lived stint trying to use Excel to keeping my empty bottles, to saving screenshots and notes on my phone.”

Lovelyloot is easy to navigate and it has a clean and straightforward look. The home screen shows the most popular items being added in real time, the search page is organized by product type and the “My Loot” page displays all your products and user profile.

Are You A Beauty Product Junkie Who Needs to Get Organized? There's An App For That! - Jawbreaker

Linden has plans for Lovelyloot’s future, which she says, “We’ll be adding the ability to save links to any article or YouTube video, as well as setting your preferences to indicate where you like to shop and the types of products you’re most interested in.”

Lovelyloot is free for iPhone users in the App store. A version for Droid users is currently TBD.


Photo Credit: Lovelyloot

Brittney Fennell

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