There’s A New Makeup Tool To Help You Apply Lashes!

For those women who believe their makeup look is not complete until they’ve applied their lashes, then they’re going to love new makeup brand, Flirt Cosmetics, and it’s debut product, Flashes.

Flirt Cosmetics was created by Estee Lauder executive group president, John Dempsey and creative director-at-large Donald Robertson.

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Flashes is described by Robertson as “a staple gun for the eyelashes but without the staples and the gun.” With Flashes, there’s no need for tweezers or lash strips. Baring the resemblance to a WiteOut tape container, Flashes comes pre-loaded with 44 bands that feature a trio of wispy lashes. After you wind it up, a band will pop out with the string out and is ready for an adhesive. The lash glue can be applied directly onto the strip and then you can place it onto the lashline.

It’s said to be very easy to use and you can use as little or as few as you’d like.

Flashes will launch September 15 on As of right now, the brand is using social media to promote and products are only sold on its e-commerce site. You can expect a series of product launches to roll out.


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