What Do Your Drinking Habits Say About Your Relationship Happiness?

When it comes to relationships, compatibility is important. Both of you may not like all of the same things, but you need to have more than a few things in common.

According to a University of Michigan study, your drinking habits may have a lot to do with your relationship happiness. Researchers at the school interviewed 2, 767 married couples about how often they drank and how they felt about their spouses, which included how critical and demanding they thought they were.

The results found couples were more likely to be happy when both people in the relationship had the same drinking habits, however, when one partner drank and the other did not, they were more likely to have relationship issues.

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The study took place over six years, and the couples with the same drinking habits saw their partners as less critical and demanding. Those with different drinking habits began to see their partner negatively as time progressed. Women whose partners had different drinking tendencies than their own were the most unhappy with their marriages.

You may be wondering why choosing whether or not to drink may have such an effect on relationships.

The study’s author, Kira Birditt, said, “It could be that couples who both drink share more interests in general or that they drink together.”

Problems and awkward moments could arise if someone who doesn’t drink is in a relationship with a lush. But like most things in life, relationships are about compromise.



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