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‘The Birth of a Nation’ Movie Poster Holds Nothing Back

The Birth of a Nation is one of 2016’s most highly-anticipated films, and it doesn’t hit theaters until October. As each trailer and visual is released, the anticipation only builds and now with the release of the film’s second poster, it’s holding nothing back.

It shows Nat Turner (played by Nate Parker) with a noose around his neck, which happens to be the American flag. With all that’s taken place in America these past few weeks, it’s easy to think this is how some Black people are feeling right about now.

According to Shadow and Act, the poster draws inspiration from a painting by Philly artist, Laurie Cooper’s “Black Man In America.”

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The New Poster for "The Birth of a Nation" Holds Nothing Back - Jawbreaker

The Birth of Nation hits theaters October 7, but it’s already drawing Oscar buzz. Starring Parker, who also wrote and directed the film, it tells the story of Nat Turner, a slave and preacher, whose owner offers him a position to use his

It stars Nate Parker, who also wrote and directed, as Nat Turner, a literate slave and preacher, who’s owner offers Turner a position to use his preaching as a way to calm down slaves who get out of line. After constantly seeing how his fellow slaves are being mistreated, Turner comes up with a plan to free his people.

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