Not Guilty Verdict for the Highest-Ranking Officer in the Freddie Gray Case

Once again, another officer connected to the case of Freddie Gray was found not guilty of all charges by a judge. Lieutenant Brian Rice was the highest-ranking officer involved in the case and was found not guilty by Judge Barry Williams on the charges of manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct which lead to Gray’s death last April.

While riding in a police van, Gray sustained a neck injury which caused him to fall into a coma and seven days later, he was dead.

The aftermath of Gray’s death lead to outrage and protests causing many to question the way Black people are treated in police custody. All of Baltimore saw protests which lead prosecutors to quickly indict the officers.

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Rice is the third officer to be found not guilty in the case. Officers Edward M. Nero and Caesar Goodson Jr. were both acquitted, and William G. Porter, will be retried due to a hung jury.

It was argued by the prosecution Rice was responsible for Gray’s safety as the highest-ranking officer present at the arrest. They said he improperly secured Gray in the back of the police van as a way to “punish and humiliate” the man for resisting arrest.

The defense argued it was Gray’s “belligerent” behavior which ultimately put the officers’ safety at risk.

There are a total of six officers being charged for Gray’s death and already half of them have walked away scot-free.



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