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Model Jordyn Woods Is Proving She’s More Than Kylie Jenner’s Bestie With New Clothing Line!

If you follow the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie, on Instagram, then you’ve seen photos of pretty much all her friends, including bestie, Jordyn Woods. But there’s more to Jordyn than just being a part of Kylie’s girl squad. Jordyn is a model and body-positivity advocate in her own right.

It was announced this week, Jordyn would be collaborating with online clothing retailer, BooHoo, to create two capsule collections. The sizes will range from 2 to 22, making it size inclusive for all women of different body types, shapes and sizes.

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Jordyn told Glamour, “This has been an incredible opportunity to design a collection that embraces all body types. There were points in my life growing up when I wanted to dress like other girls my age, but I couldn’t find clothes in my size that were as cute as theirs. With boohoo.com, I have been supported and encouraged to create something that all women can have access to and that I am proud of.”

The first collection from Jordyn’s collaboration with BooHoo will be released in mid-September and the second will be around the holidays. Expect it to feature nude and gem-tone bombers, party dresses, jeans, dusters. crop tops and more.

She wants women to be comfortable when they’re wearing the pieces, which she refers to as “easy wearing styles.”

“I never thought I could wear crop tops,” she said. “Mainly because I wasn’t confident enough to wear them. I feel like I really learned my body and how to accentuate my curves properly. Now I wear them all the time.”

Jordyn also spoke of Kylie, saying, “My best friend, Kylie, and I have learned to experiment with clothes that embrace curves. Now, ripped jeans and a bodysuit are staples.”

Jordyn has her own sizable social media following with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. She and her famous bestie have captured a young audience who sees them as style influencers.

We can’t wait to see what styles are released from Jordyn’s collaboration with BooHoo.



Photo Credit: TeenVogue.com

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