Alton Sterling Latest Victim in Deadly Police Shooting

Another day, another hashtag and another Black man killed by police. This time the city is Baton Rouge, La. and the victim is 37-year-old, Alton Sterling, and like so many others before him, his deadly encounter with police was caught on cellphone video, which has since gone viral.

According to, On Tuesday morning, police officers were called to the Triple S Food Mart, a convenience store, after receiving a report of an armed man. Investigators say there was an altercation between Sterling and police in the store parking lot.

The owner of the store, Abdul Muflahi, knew Sterling and saw the shooting take place. He says he saw officers remove a gun from Sterling’s pocket after the shooting, but before that, Sterling was tased by one officer, tackled by the the second officer and then shot several times by the first officer.

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By the time paramedics arrived, Sterling was dead. The cause of death released by the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office say his cause of death was due to multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and neck.

In the cellphone footage, Sterling is on the ground with two officers over him. One of them is yelling Sterling has a gun and then gunshots are fired.

(WARNING: The video is graphic.)


Louisiana State Rep. C. Denise Marcelle was briefed by police and said the officers were wearing body cameras, but they fell off during their struggle with Sterling and did not record the shooting. She said detectives have video of the shooting from one convenience store surveillance camera and the dashboard camera of a police patrol car, which has not yet been released.

Baton Rouge police officers say the two officers involved are on administrative leave.

What they may not tell you in the media about Sterling is he was a father of five and was selling CDs. Also, Louisiana is an open carry state meaning people can carry guns without a license or permit.

As you can imagine, this story is burning up social media and protests are already taking place in the Baton Rouge are. Many are asking the same questions we always ask in these situations. Why? When will it ever end? Will the police ever see us as human? What more needs to be done for them stop killing us?



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