Watch 100 Years of African Hijab Fashion

No matter how you spin it, one of the least talked about groups is the population of Black Muslims. For some reason people don’t think much about the mass number of Africans who also identify as Muslim and how their culture plays into how they celebrate their religion.

Well the wonderful ladies over at, who work to break down the negative stigmas surrounding Muslim culture, put together this bomb video that shows 100 years of African Hijab Fashion in just under a minute.

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In an accompanying article author, Najma, explains that “When Islam asked for modesty, each region it spread to responded with either a head wrap that they believed represented it best or a as different styling of their cultural dress. However, because of the Arabization and anti-blackness, the traditional head wraps that doubled as hijab in most African countries were not considered hijab.”

The video shows you some looks that you may not have realized were not just fashionable, but functional too, and a celebration of African Muslim women’s identities!

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Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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