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New ‘The Birth of a Nation’ Trailer Will Give You Chills!

Sundance darling, The Birth of a Nation, is continuing to rack up critical acclaim and it doesn’t hit theaters nationwide until October 7.

Directed by and starring Nate Parker, as enslaved preacher, Nat Turner, the film tells the story of how one man led slave rebellion. Turner is first used by his owners to calm down unruly slaves, and he sees firsthand how men like him are chained and beaten. Turner also faces his share of beatings and punishment when he hands something to a young White boy.

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He goes from preaching the scripture Peter 2:18 (“submit yourselves to your masters”) to Psalm 149 (“Let the high praise of God be in the mouths of the saints, and a two-edged sword in their hand to execute vengeance on the demonic nations. Sing to Him a new song”).

Set to Andra Day‘s “Rise Up,” this trailer will give you chills!


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Brittney Fennell

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