Baltimore Officer Found Not Guilty of ‘Depraved-Heart’ Murder in Freddie Gray Case

In another crushing blow to the fight against racially fueled police brutality, Baltimore police officer Caesar Goodson, Jr. was found not guilty Thursday of all charges in the death of Freddie Gray.

Among the six officers charged in the case Goodson faced the most serious charge of second degree depraved heart murder and is the third officer to stand trial so far.

Goodson is also the third officer acquitted of all charges including second-degree depraved-heart murder in the death of Freddie Gray.

Gray died in April of 2015 after sustaining spinal injuries while being transported shackled to a van in police custody.

Goodson was the officer who drove the van and was accused of intentionally giving Gray a “rough ride” where police intentionally drive recklessly in order to inflict injury.

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The case was tried as a bench trial so there was no jury.

The prosecution argued that Goodson ignored Gray’s requests for medical attention on more than 3 stops on the way to central booking.

During the state’s closing statement  Asst. State’s Attorney Michael Schatzow said “The intent is to bang him around. The consequences to the prisoner were worse than what he anticipated.”

The defense argued that Gray placed himself in danger.

“Mr. Gray created a high degree of risk by removing himself from the prone position in which he had been placed to secure his transport,” said Goodson’s lawyer Matthew Fraling during his closing.

This is just yet another loss in the Black Lives Matter movement, and some on social media are placing the blame on Marilyn Mosby, for the loss of what they felt was the “sure thing” conviction out of all 6 officers.

Next to be tried will be Lieutenant Brian Rice, his trial is scheduled to begin July 5th.

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