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Who Needs To Pierce Your Nose When You Can Pierce Your Hair!

Christina Aguilera pierced her hair, and we don’t really know how to handle it.

On Monday the season 10 judge appaered on “The Voice” rocking trendy, stony, lavender hair that’s just two shades short of My Little Pony, but it wasn’t her hair color that caught our attention.

On the side of her face instead of a side bang Aguilera was rocking a side braid and cascading down the center were a series of “piercings.” WWD is calling it an “alt-angle” to her lavender hair, we’re calling it…interesting.

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Aguilera has never been shy about being edgy and she’s definitely no stranger to piercings, but what exactly the aesthtc that pierced hair is supposed to acheieve, we really don’t know.

The pop star was clearly really proud of her new do’ and so was her stylist who created the look.

We’re all the way here for new trends and self expression but we do have a few questions:

Why hoops and not studs, were studs not edgy enough?

Did the peircing happen after the braid or were the hoops bradied in along the way?

Are they uncomfortable? Do they just hit you in your face every time you move your head? Do they make noise?

We have questions that need answers!

Would you be down to pierece your hair or are you good with your two ears? Sound off! 



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