Red Lobster Becomes Millennials’ Favorite Restaurant Without Trying

It seems like everyday brands are trying new ways to connect with millennials and figure out what we like spending our money on. Sometimes they get it right and other times they’re way off base. And then sometimes a brand begins to appeal to the millennial generation when they weren’t even trying.

This is the case with restaurant chain, Red Lobster, which was named millennials’ favorite restaurant, according to a survey from Nation’s Restaurant News.

So what’s the reason for this new popularity? Red Lobster is making improvements in front of the house and in back of the house. The restaurant in remodeling and including large communal tables and adding new items to their menu such as wood-grilled fish, larger shrimp, fresh scampi sauce, Alaska sockeye salmon and lobster tacos. These improvements and additions are making the chain restaurant popular among those ages 18-24.

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Red Lobster CEO, Kim Lodrup, told Business Insider of the company’s rising popularity, “It’s particularly interesting, because we have not been explicitly targeting millennials. We’ve just been focusing on making improvements overall. Millennials are very social. They like to share experiences with friends and they like to dine in groups, and Red lobster is well set up to handle large parties.”

Some might credit this newfound popularity to Beyonce‘s mention of the restaurant in her song, “Formation.” After fans heard her lyrics, Red Lobster instantly became a Twitter trending topic and the next day, sales jumped 33 percent.

Or maybe millennials are just like everyone else and can’t resist the Cheddar Bay biscuits.


Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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