Indiana Just Installed Safe Drop Boxes for Unwanted Babies

Indiana has made a landmark move by installing the first ever baby drop boxes in the United States.

The idea of dropping off a baby like a library book may seem strange, but the container was specifically designed to allow mothers to safely and anonymously leave unwanted babies at a safe space. In fact, this system is actually safer than simply leaving a baby on a doorstep until someone finds them

The Safe Haven Baby Box was a development that coincides with the current plans to defund Planned Parenthood, cutting off thousands of women’s necessary access to family planning resources. With a lack of availability to pregnancy termination options, more unplanned and unwanted pregnancies may be inevitable and abandoned babies may just become more common.

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Complex reports that the two Safe Haven Baby Boxes installed in Indiana were officially opened to the public on Tuesday, located outside of the Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department and in Michigan City.

Fire department volunteer, Monica Kelsey, was herself abandoned as an infant which led her to found Safe Haven Baby Boxes. According to the website the first box installation took place on April 19th, the anniversary of the day that Kelsey was abandoned at a hospital by her mother just a few hours after her birth.

The boxes themselves are actually a safer way to facilitate the Safe Haven law which allows mothers to leave their babies at safe havens such as fire departments and police stations with no legal consequence.

With the box a mother’s anonymity is better protected and so is the welfare of the baby. The website states, “These boxes have a heating and cooling unit and are equipped with ADT trips so emergency personal [sic] will be notified within 30 seconds that there is a newborn placed in the box. The child will then be picked up by EMS within 3-5 minutes.”

AP reports each box cost around $1500 to $2000 and the first 100 will be funded by the Catholic organization, Knights of Columbus of Indiana.

While these boxes are a reliable resource, Kelsey stresses that it is an absolutely last resort option:

Ariel Leconte

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