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‘I Ain’t Goin Nowhere’: Jussie Smollett Trolls Us All

On the episode before the season two finale of “Empire” Jussie Smollett’s character, the beloved Jamal, was shot by Freda Gatz and we weren’t quite sure he was going to make it.

If anyone had even a sliver of hope that Jamal would pull through, it was quickly snuffed out with a singular tweet.

Which basically left the world like this:

cookie crying
So last night when Jamal was still alive and kicking on the season finale fans breathed a sigh of relief.

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Later in the night Smolett posted a video on Instagram letting his fans know that apparently he never said anything about actually leaving the show.

He points out that every statement in his tweet was true including how much he’s enjoyed working with “Empire” and Fox but that didn’t mean he was done.

Look here Jussie…

cookie eye roll

What makes this video truly hilarious is his on and off screen BFF Gabby Sidibe in the background cursing him out for scaring the crap out of her and basically trolling us all.  He knew exactly how that tweet would stir the pot just after his character was shot.

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But the best part of all of this is that not only is Jussie sticking with “Empire” but we can look forward to seeing more of him in some new projects since he confirmed that he is indeed making some records and movies!

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