Edible Nail Polish, Anyone? KFC Has It!

It looks like restaurants are upping the ante when it come to marketing their brand and new items. Fast food chain, KFC, is jumping into the beauty world, sort of.

The restaurant plans to launch a chicken-flavored nail polish line to customers in Hong Kong as part of a marketing ploy. This is either genius or insane. There’s really no middle ground.

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To create the nail polish, KFC worked with McCormick, the same spice company which creates their secret flavor mix. The nail polish comes in two flavors, yes flavors, which are Original (a glitter-flecked nude) and Hot & Spicy (a sparkly orange).

Edible Nail Polish, Anyone? KFC Has It! - Jawbreaker

Keep in mind, these nail polishes taste like fried chicken.

Society doesn’t seem like its made enough strides to where eating your nail polish in public is normal.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen.