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5 Shows to add to Your Netflix Summer Watchlist

Summer is coming and while that means day parties, music festivals, and sun to treat our melanin, it also means new Netflix releases!

Be honest, you need something to do when you’re too hung over from last night to make it to that day party and a day in bed with Netflix is a wonderful answer. Not to mention this summer, the new lineup of shows is exactly what you need.

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Check out our top picks for binge watching this June!


Season 5 – June 11

giphy (55)

Season 4 of Scandal was a little touch and go for a while there, but hands down season 5 was lit! These plot twists come at you so fast you have to hold onto your edges before you get scalped!

“Pretty Little Liars”

Season 6 – June 2nd 

giphy (56)

Because in season 6 the liars are on their grown and sexy! Fast forward 5 years, lose the high school, keep the drama, and accept your girl crush on Shay Mitchel.

“Being Mary Jane”

Season 3 – June giphy (57)

Because there’s honestly just a little Mary Jane in all of us.

“Greys Anatomy”

Season 12- June 18th giphy (58)

Most shows don’t make it past a solid 6 or 7 season’s, but Grey’s Anatomy is on season 12 and STILL keeps us watching and for that alone it deserves your binge watching respect.

“Orange Is The New Black”

Season 4 – June 17 

We’ll just leave this here…

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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