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Why Would Facebook Shut Down The Shade Room But Keep Pages That Promote Hate?

On Monday, people searching for their daily dose of ratchet news were sorely disappointed to find the Facebook page for The Shade Room had vanished into thin air.

People started quickly speculating what happened to the page, and wondered if it had been deleted by mistake by the blog or if Facebook had deleted the page.  By 12pm, The Shade Room confirmed on Twitter Facebook deleted their page without a single reason.

Later in the day, The Shade Room temporarily made their Instagram account private.

The Grio reports Facebook representatives claim removal was due to a violation of Facebook’s community standards and this isn’t the first time the blog has run into issue with Facebook.

The Shade Room founder, Angie Nwandu told NeimanLab “I monitor the page frequently and nothing was posted that violated any rules to my knowledge. We have been targeted on FB and have been receiving numerous reports over things that don’t violate the terms. The amount of reports have been excessive.”

While The Shade Room features their share of racy content, a quick sweep of Facebook’s Community Standards would show The Shade Room’s content doesn’t seem to actually violate any of the standards though it may have come close at times.

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The people focused in the content are considered public figures so the shaming on the site is within the community standards and hate speech doesn’t seem to be The Shade Room’s style. So what standard have they violated?

Not everyone is a fan of The Shade Room, but free speech is free speech and while The Shade Room’s speech may not be liked, it doesn’t seem as if it’s put anyone in danger.

What’s more concerning is the number of times racist, homophobic, and bullying comments and groups have been allowed to thrive on Facebook.

Remember when we found out Facebook staff were defacing Black Lives Matter signs written on the office walls?

Guess we’ll just have to wait to see if Facebook gives some more explanation or if The Shade Room gets their page back!

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Photo Credit: CNN

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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