Just in case there weren’t enough opportunities for unfaithful people to cheat one U.K. website has decided to provide adulterers with an entire private island for them to freely sin.

Women’s Health reports IllicitEncounters.com is currently buying an island so people can freely have extramarital affairs.

The site’s tagline labels it as “the U.K.’s leading married-dating website,” and they’re really going above and beyond to make sure you can cheat in peace.

The island which has been dubbed “Illicit Retreat is 100 miles from the southern cost of England and will house apartments equipped with a bedroom, dining room, and hot tub. All the essentials necessary for a perfect affair.

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Just in case all you cheaters out there were worried about getting busted, the company is pulling out all the stops to get you there and protect your privacy.

You’ll be blindfolded and then whisked off via helicopter to ensure that the location stays a secret and to make sure that your honest spouse doesn’t catch you.

All of this of course is just an idea until the island’s been purchased and some apartments have been built, but it smells like a perfect opportunity for a repeat of the great Ashley Madison Leak of 2015!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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