No More Swimsuits Will Be Sold At Victoria’s Secret!

As the weather heats up and as we go into the summer months, you’ll probably have some days at the beach planned, which means swimsuits will be needed. If you usually get your beachwear from Victoria’s Secret, you better stock up while you can, because the retail chain just announced it will stop selling swimsuits.

Per BuzzFeed News, Victoria’s Secret will stop selling swimsuits after this year and will focus on its activewear line which will replace the swimsuit space in its stores. It was announced earlier this month the retail chain was cutting 200 jobs and “eliminating certain merchandise categories.”

Two anonymous sources told BuzzFeed News the company “will be exiting out of all current inventory by the end of this year.”

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Swimsuits were a pretty popular item for Victoria’s Secret and they even aired a “swimsuit special” on CBS in early 2015. The store, which is owned by L Brands, reported low sales for its swimwear back in August due to “overly complex designs.”

The company told Citi analysts in an April 8 note they “will be eliminating swim from stores and online.”

They believed the category “had trended down over the last several years and management believes store space will be better used for VS Sport.”

Victoria’s Secret will also be moving away from its signature catalogs and will be reorganizing into three divisions focusing on Victoria’s Secret lingerie, Victoria’s Secret beauty and the Pink brand.

Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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