New Female-Only Car Service Might Face Some Serious Legal Problems

As convenient as it may be to just order up an Uber to get you around for a number of women, that quick ride may not always be convenient. When a woman hops into an Uber there is always a risk that her driver could attack, assault, or even kill her.

Ever since Uber’s launch there have been an alarming number of women who have been sexually assaulted, physically attacked, and yes even killed. The convenience of a car service goes out the window when it becomes a threat to a woman’s safety.

Michael Pelletz recognized this concern which led him to found Chariot for Women, a car service that Pelletz is billing as woman-only. 

The service would be entirely run by woman, with solely woman drivers who have had extensive background checks who would only pick up female passengers (mostly). The service is said to also include pick up of anyone under the age of 13 regardless of gender as well as transwomen.

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The ride-share initiative is set to launch in Boston April 19th, but it already looks like some hefty legal trouble could come their way. While it’s designed to make women feel safe, it’s hard to argue that the service isn’t exclusionary by not serving males.

Employment law specialist, Joseph L. Sulman, told the Boston Globe that the company is opening itself up to the possibility of gender discrimination lawsuits, which would be difficult to fight with the company openly advertising that they are not for men. 

In an interview with Tech Crunch Pelletz said that he welcomes the challenge, and hopes to take the case to the Supreme Court should it become necessary.

Is it discrimination to create a service specifically for one gender even when the service is for their safety or are people just being petty? Sound off!


Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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