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Karrine Steffans Comes Out as “Becky”!

It’s became common knowledge Karrine Steffans and Jay Z had a fling back in 2000 before he got with Beyonce in bestselling book, Confessions of a Video Vixen.

Everyone’s buzzing about Beyonce’s groundbreaking visual album Lemonade and the the lyric, “You betta call Becky with the good hair.”

Steffans opened up once again on her relationships with men in the entertainment industry she’s been with. In a piece for XOJANE, Steffans writes she was a”Becky.”

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After her fling with Jay Z, which was only three minutes in the back of a Maybach because Steffans is a pro, she began a seven-year relationship with Method Man, which according to her, continued six years after he was married.

While watching Lemonade, Steffans writes how she felt connected to Beyonce when she sung of how the man she married was the same as her father.

She goes on to explain her position on Beckys.

“There is a stigma attached to the other woman, the side piece. There is this notion that her position alone warrants shame but, honestly, I don’t see the difference. Becky may not have him all the time but what she gets of him is usually more honest, for he fears not being judged and there are no consequences, no higher standard, no vows to uphold.

With Becky, he can be “free.”

And of course, Steffans goes on to write about her relationship with Columbus Short, which as we all know came to an end on Instagram.

Steffans writes, “Before I met Columbus Short, I felt him. With my back turned to the door in a crowded hookah bar, I felt him walk in. His energy drew me to him as I turned around to see what or who could cause such heat.”

She continues, “I saw him, he saw me. As he introduced himself, I could not speak. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have the words.” 

Later that evening, Steffans reveals, “Columbus caught me in the hall, he said, ‘You are so beautiful.’ I blushed, looked down to the ground and walked past him without uttering a word. We left separately that night and for five months, I regretted never getting his number. Then, he walked back into my life. Three months later, we were married.”

Then three months later, she kicked him out because of the alcohol, cocaine and other women.

Steffans ends with, “I am Becky with the good hair. I am Beyoncé. I am the keeper of secrets, the betrayer of women, the confessor of my sins, the owner of my secrets, lies and salvations. I have traded in my Scarlet A for a Scarlet Bey. Because we are all Becky with the good hair. Every last one of us.”

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Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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