Jasmene Bowdry is not your average online boutique owner. With over 10 years in retail merchandising and buying, her emergence on the bustling online shopping scene is more than fashionista passion—it’s a natural career next step.

Today marks the launch of Bowdry’s elegant boutique BellaRosa and she’s giving us the inside scoop on why the online destination will shoot to the top of your shopping list!

First things first, are you a ‘BellaRosa girl’?

According to Jasmene, “The ‘BellaRosa girl’ is a stylish go-getter, sophisticated corporate climber, and trendsetting influencer.” Which means BellaRosa is not your stringy jumpsuit and platform heel IG boutique—making it the perfect place for Jawbreakers to discover stylish new finds!

“I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising, a M.B.A and have worked in the industry for years. So needless to say, I know product!”

The BellaRosa brand is more than just a boutique—Jasmene put over a decade of her experience and personal passion behind it.

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“The name BellaRosa was inspired by my mother Rose whose name represents grace, love and appreciation — exactly what I feel for my brand.  The decision to launch a boutique overall was inspired by the overwhelming amount of boutiques that have taken over social media. Granted I am all for entrepreneurship and its enough out for everyone to be successful, but one night I thought to myself, ‘Why aren’t you doing this?’ I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising, a M.B.A and have worked in the industry for years. So needless to say, I know product!”

Jasmene’s goal was to set BellaRosa apart from the sea of online boutiques floating around.

“Boutiques started as a small specialty scale store format for those customers who did not want to deal with the hustle and bustle of a big brick and mortar—a more personalized and customer service oriented experience. I offer that with BellaRosa and you’ll see it in the clothing, packaging, marketing. We take pride in making customers feel and look good.”


Jawbreaker editors can say with all confidence, when you shop BellaRosa you can look forward to an exciting and user-friendly experience.

“I am very big on organization and things looking neat so people can definitely expect a visually appealing site that won’t be hard to find product. You won’t have to scroll through a bunch of pages to find something you like. It’s a fast check out experience.”

“No one can build my brand better than me because the vision was given to me.”

Everything you shop has been personally curated by Jasmene and with her finds, you’ll never be bored.

“Honestly I love all the pieces in our spring collection. I want to wear them all! I dress by mood and that is how I selected each item, based on the different feelings we as women experience.”

On a personal note, Jasmene worked incredibly hard to bring BellaRosa to life, pointing out your biggest obstacle can be yourself.

“The biggest challenge [building BellaRosa] honestly was more of a mental note for myself and that was learning no one will love my brand more than me. No one can build my brand better than me because the vision was given to me. Sometimes its hard to convey that to people you are working with or telling about it and at times I wanted to yell “Get excited about my sh*t!”. But I had to realize this is my baby and no one can care for their baby like its mother.”

Building a brand is no easy task, but Jasmene held onto her beliefs and put her faith in God to get to this point.

“At times it is very hard but my faith and belief in God is very, very strong. I pray constantly. I pray over my business. Being a small business entrepreneur means you do 99 percent of the work because you can’t afford to hire a team yet. And during those times, especially as I have been preparing of the launch and getting little sleep, I asked myself “ Why are you doing this?” and the purpose is so much bigger than me, I have so much I want to do with this brand and the boutique is just the starting point.”

So what’s Jasmene’s advice for girl bosses out there who are working hard to make their dreams a reality?

“If you have a vision—something that you can’t stop thinking about or dreaming about—find a way to make it a reality. That vision will lead you to your passion which leads to your purpose. Create a vision board and speak affirmations over life and your vision.”

Use code: NEW15 for a special discount at BellaRosa boutique, Don’t forget to follow BellaRosa and Jasmene on Instagram to stay up to date with all the latest styles making their way to the shop!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

Ariel is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and creator of Revolutionary In Pink Pumps blog. She is equally obsessed with social justice, lipstick, culture, and red wine.