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For Some Black People, Harriet Tubman’s Face is Not Pretty Enough for the $20 Bill

As a Black person, you can’t help but love the Black community because you recognize how strong we are, how much we have overcome, and how much we’ve supported and helped each other. But sometimes as a Black person, you have moments where you’re so ashamed of how your community has let you and itself down.

Some of Black twitter (the clearly ignorant section) have been tweeting about their refusal to use a $20 bill when it has Harriet Tubman’s face on it because they think that she’s ugly.
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The tweets are the kind of thing that make you say this is why we can’t be great. It’s a sad disgusting reminder of some serious self-hate in the Black community and some even more serious ignorance that exists. Scrolling through these tweets, the majority of people tweeting were Black.

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As if it’s bad enough ignorant people on twitter are running their mouths, resident Uncle Tom, Dr. Ben Carson has publicly denounced the decision to put Tubman on the $20 bill, citing that Andrew Jackson was a great president and deserved to keep his spot on the bill. Which could have potentially been an acceptable (albeit flawed) argument, until he suggested we put her face on the non-existent $2 bill instead.

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But always on top of things the educated section of Black twitter is clapping back at the ignorance and throwing a little shade all at once.

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Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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