A smart millennial chick guards the contents of her purse because it says a lot about her and sometimes it’s not always the greatest thing. But what about the second purse none of us think about, our cars.

If you’re a millennial who travels by way of her own set of keys your car is just like having a second mobile purse and while everyone’s personality is different it’s a pretty safe bet that you can spot these five things in pretty much any millennial chick’s ride.

Starbucks Debris5 Things You'll Find in Every Millenial Woman's Car - Jawbreaker

You probably won’t find actual Starbucks cups littering the floor of the car What ends up in the car are the bits and pieces of a Starbucks drink, the little green lid stoppers, a recyclable cup sleeve or two. Then again  you might find that one half full latte that went cold weeks ago; now it just sits in the cup holder like a trendy prop.

That One Lipstick5 Things You'll Find in Every Millenial Woman's Car - Jawbreaker

You know which lipstick, the one you’ve probably brought three times because you’re always losing it, but it’s such a perfect color you need to make sure you have it. There’s probably 2 tubes of it rolling around between the carpets in your backseat. You’re not really tripping about it though, when you loose one tube another one usually magically appears in your glove compartment.

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A Pair Of Heels5 Things You'll Find in Every Millenial Woman's Car - Jawbreaker

We’re not talking the responsible smart pair of back up heels that every millennial chick should be stashing in a silk bag in her trunk. No. This is that pair from the night you drove home barefoot because those shoes were too bomb to stay in the box but they cut off all the circulation in your ankles. Now 3 weeks later, they live jammed under the drivers seat.

Mismatched Jewelry5 Things You'll Find in Every Millenial Woman's Car - Jawbreaker

It doesn’t matter who you are, every girl does some last minute prepping when they get in the car. 9 times out of ten you leave the house with your heels in one hand and your earrings in the other. Actually millennial women are such pros at throwing together a good car look that we have an unintentional stash of back up earrings, rings, and necklaces piled in the glove compartment. The only problem is, you can never find a back for any of those damned earrings.

A Backup Purse5 Things You'll Find in Every Millenial Woman's Car - Jawbreaker

In the spirit of last minute car primping, sometimes when you’re running out of the house you realize the purse you’re carrying doesn’t match the look your going for. So you grab the right purse and your current purse and toss it all in the passenger seat. Once you’ve transferred all the essentials to your new purse the old purse gets gently stuffed under the seat or buried in the trunk where it will probably live for a few weeks. You probably won’t even realize it’s missing until you pop open your trunk one day and see it.

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

Ariel is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and creator of Revolutionary In Pink Pumps blog. She is equally obsessed with social justice, lipstick, culture, and red wine.