Michelle Obama, First Lady of Social Media Slays in 3D Interview

The world is weeping right now because we don’t understand how we’re supposed to survive without Michelle Obama slaying the White House on the daily.

The certified superwoman that is our FLOTUS is known for her bomb fashion sense, amazing initiatives, and her social media prowess. She just stepped up her last title by doing the first 3-D interview in the white house with Verge.

In her interview she discusses just how she’s mastered the art of social media through her many campaigns and initiatives. FLOTUS is helping young women across America one hashtag at a time.

The interview chornichles FLOTUS’s rise to social media queen from her first turnip vine up to this new age 3-D interview!

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FLOTUS also points out that social media has helped to make her very accessible and that’s really made all the difference in how she connects to her campaigns.

“[Social media] bypasses the middle man,” Mrs. Obama says. “People can get to know me directly. They can see that I’m kind of silly sometimes, that I care. They can feel the passion, [and] they don’t have to have it filtered through another source. And young people in particular like that.”

Well we’re not young kids, but we love us some Michelle! The interview is fun to watch, it’s even better if you have 3-D equipment but we’ve got to take a moment of silence for the slay that is FLOTUS’s look for the interview. jbareham_160114_0931_0272.0 jbareham_160114_0931_0215.0 jbareham_160114_0931_0177_landscape.0

Excuse us while we go out and buy everything to duplicate this look. The White House may never be this fierce again!


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Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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