Is a Male Birth Control Pill on the Way?

It seems like every few months there are new developments in male birth control which aren’t as invasive as a vasectomy.

As of right now, birth control pills only exist for women, but according to Broadly, researchers at the University of Minnesota have found and isolated a “test compound” which could be the starting point for a non-hormonal birth control pill for men.

The research team is led by Dr. Gunda Georg, who told Broadly, “The research on hormonal methods of male birth control involving testosterone has been going on for decades, but nothing has come to market.  We’re now focusing on non-hormonal approaches.”

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The reason for the focus on non-hormonal options is because testosterone doesn’t work in 20 percent of men and comes with side effects such as weight gain and decrease in good cholesterol. In order for a male birth control option to make it to market, it would need to be taken by mouth in pill form and start working “fairly quickly,” while not decreasing sex drive and be safe if someone takes it for decades.

Dr. Georg said in a statement regarding all that needs to take place for a male birth control pill to become available, “That’s a very high bar for bringing a male contraceptive to market.”

It might be awhile until a male birth control pill becomes available, but many women are probably rejoicing of the possibility so they won’t be the only ones who have to take a pill every day.




Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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