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Guess Which ‘Empire’ Cast Member Thinks They’re too Good for the Show!

Everyone is itching for “Empire” to make it’s Season 2 Spring premiere in just a few weeks, but rumor has it one Empire cast member is itching for it all to be over with.

Page Six reports that Trai Byers, whom we all know as the oldest and most unstable Lyon brother is over his role in the hit Fox drama.

An inside source told Page Six, “Trai wants out. He feels that he studied at Yale and he’s a ‘true thespian’ . . . The character is beneath him. He has an idea of himself as being this big Shakespearean actor.”

Who knew Trai wasn’t acting when he was playing  elitist ivy league graduate Andre! Apparently Byers is a big diva behind-the-scenes, and the producers are not feeling it!

The source explained that Byers was extremely excited to initially land the role at the show’s inception, but since coming into season two he’s not liking the direction his character has been taking.

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“At first, being on ‘Empire’ was major for him. But he feels his character is not as important this season, and he hates not being the star,” said the source. “He thinks he has the acting chops of Taraji and Terrence. He doesn’t get how the show benefits him, and he feels he has way too much talent when he’s not the star by any means.”

Byers has allegedly fired all of his reps for “not getting him big movie rolls,” including a new Muhammad Ali movie he was reportedly tapped for.

It seems as if these inside sources and production aren’t too impressed by Byers ivy league acting chops; when he threatened to leave the show if he wasn’t given more in his role, the producers let him know that they didn’t need him.

Another inside source told Page Six, “He thinks he is a brilliant guy who deserves a better role, but he’s hardly one of the most popular or dynamic actors on the show.”

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As it stands right now, filming for the season is wrapping up and there don’t seem to be any signs of Byers actually leaving or being fired, but who knows it’s anyone’s game.

Maybe Boo Boo Kitty should have shoved him down the stairs instead of his very pregnant wife!

Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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