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Amber Rose Released Her Emojis, But is She Just Copying Kim Kardashian?

It’s finally happened! After hinting at it for weeks, Amber Rose has officially released her new emoji app and it is even more than we could have expected.

There are over 900 emojis to choose from in the new MuvaMoji app, which dropped on Wednesday. With such an extensive bank of emojis it looks like Muva Rose might just give Mrs. Kardashian-West a run for her money!

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The app has already hit number one in the iOS and Android app stores but it’s also rumored to have hit a sour note with some mutual friends of Kim Kardashian and Amber.

TMZ reports that Rose’s phone has been blowing up all day with messages from friends who aren’t too pleased with how similar her app is to Kim’s even claiming that some of her emojis are direct rip offs from Kimoji which launched in December. 

But to Rose’s credit it seems like her app is offering way more than Kim Kardashian’s and even ventures outside the self obsessed realm of just her ass and her face.

One of the standout emojis is one that highlights the recent controversy with the Bill Cosby rape case, with an emoji of him holding up a sign that says “I did it.”32B0180300000578-3516372-image-m-41_1459407498242

The other most talked about emoji seems to be a shot at Kanye West, backing up her tweet from earlier this year about where Kanye liked for her to stick her fingers.

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Other emojis include getting legs and armpits waxed and lasered, about a million sexual references including condoms and fuzzy handcuffs, and tons of mini versions of Amber dancing and twerking her little animated life away. 32AF0E9A00000578-3516372-image-a-39_1459375666741 32AF0E9600000578-3516372-image-a-40_1459375670583

It’s actually a pretty impressive spread of emojis and definitely offers more than Kimoji does.

Do I smell an emoji battle brewing? Who knows!

Would you rather use Kimojis or MuvaMojis? Sound off!


Ariel Leconte

Ariel Leconte

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