Woman Crashes Her Own Funeral To Confront Husband Who Had Her Killed

The stress of losing a loved one is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with. The mourning process is already emotional and confusing.

So how would you respond if you were on your way into someone’s funeral and all of the sudden the person you thought you were burying rolled up on you like Jesus of Nazareth on Easter?

Well for Australian man, Balenga Kalala, it was a nightmare.

When Kalala’s wife, Noela Rukundo, stepped out of a car in front of her own funeral, Kalala was terrified. Not because he thought he was seeing a ghost, but because he’d ordered a group of men to kill his wife well over a week ago.

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The whole story sounds like it was ripped right from the pages of any mystery or romance novel, a jealous husband hires a hit man to kill the wife he believes to be cheating on him. But the twist is that the hit men decided to take his money and turn on him instead.

Rukundo sat down with the BBC to share her crazy, but tragic story.

She was attending her stepmother’s funeral in her native Burundi, alone. When she went back to her hotel room she got a call from her husband, telling her to “go outside for fresh air.”

As soon as she walked out of her hotel a man with a gun charged her, blindfolded her, and threw her in a car. After a 40 minute drive she was tied to a chair in a room where a group of men began to question her as to why he husband would want to have her killed. 

The men explained that her husband had payed the $7,000 in Australian currency to kill his wife and they even put him on the phone so she could hear him order them to kill her.

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Lucky for Rukundo, the men didn’t plan to kill her since she was a woman and they happened to know her brother. Instead they set her free on the side of the road equipped with enough evidence to hold her husband responsible and warn other women.

With the help of the embassy she managed to return to Australia and with help from her pastor she secretly found a place to stay near her home.

Her husband had told everyone that she had died in a tragic accident and about a week later while he was saying goodbye to mourners who’d come to comfort him, Rukundo hopped out of the car and said. “Surprise! I’m still alive!” bet-you-thought-youd-seen-the-last-of-me

Her husband denied having anything to do with her attempted murder, but Rukundo finally got him to confess in a phone call recorded by police.

Apparently he thought Rukundo was planning to leave him for another man, which she denies. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Unfortunately Rukundo is getting backlash from her local community who believes she was wrong for turning her husband in. She’s had threatening voicemail and someone even broke in her back door.

She’s been left to raise her eight children alone and is still haunted by the sound of her husband’s voice saying, “Kill her, kill her.”

Read all the details of her story here.

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