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When Did It Become Abusive For A Man to Try to Get His Woman Back?

It’s always tricky when relationships and social media collide. Everything’s easy when you and your bae are in love and you post cute selfies together, but in the event things take a downward spiral, you’re in some ways inviting strangers into your drama if you acknowledge your issues publicly. This is what happened yesterday between exes Jordin Sparks and rapper, Sage the Gemini.

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In case you weren’t aware before, Sparks and Sage were in a relationship and recently called it quits. Why? No one knows, but Sage is clearly hurt about the breakup and wants to get his girl back. So, he did what many men before him have done: publicly made a fool of himself in the name of love. For some in 2016, publicly means using social media to get out your feelings. Sage basically posted what can be called an open letter to Sparks asking her to call him, saying she looked beautiful at Clive Davis‘ pre-Grammy party and mentioning a date they were supposed to have on her grandparent’s anniversary.

When Did It Become Abusive For A Man to Try to Get His Woman Back? - Jawbreaker

Many reactions on Instagram went from “Aww” to people tagging Sparks and saying she should call Sage. Now, in case you also weren’t aware, Twitter is the land of where everyone hates their ex, so many people, both men and women, were not amused. In addition to being the land of where everyone hates their ex, it’s the land of people projecting their relationship issues onto others. Twitter folks went as far as to accuse Sage of cheating on Sparks, being manipulative/controlling/abusive with his Instagram post and the reachiest of all reaches, laying hands on her.

Keep in mind, all this is coming from the same generation who complains about there not being anymore love songs in R&B, chivalry being dead and wanting men to put in more effort when it comes to relationships.

Now again, no one knows what happened in Sparks and Sage’s relationship or even what Sage did to cause it to end, but it seems like he’s taking some sort of responsibility for the part he played in its demise.

But back to this “abusive” stuff. Since when did it become abusive for a man to try to get back with his ex-girlfriend? Critics are saying Sage’s Instagram post allowed people on social media to put pressure on Sparks into calling him. I would like to think if Sparks no longer wants to be with Sage, comments from strangers about what she should do regarding her love life would not phase her. But that’s just me.

Putting your relationship issues on blast on a public forum like Instagram or Twitter is not for everyone and definitely not for the faint of heart. In this social media era, if you’re willing to do so, especially if you’re a celebrity, you’ve ran out of f*cks to give regarding others’ opinions.

If Sparks and Sage don’t get back together, we’ll never know if she gave him a call or not. But at least he can say he tried and wasn’t “too cool” to show people he cared.



Brittney Fennell

Brittney Fennell

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