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Viola Davis Threw Out Her Back Filming A HTGAWM Sex Scene!

“How To Get Away With Murder” has quickly become one of peoples favorite shows in the Shondaland lineup. The writing is bomb, the plot twists keep you on the edge of your seats, and the all the sexual tension will have you on your couch sad that you’re single.

The crazy steamy sex scenes in “How To Get Away With Murder” are very much the norm on the show, but what about all the work that goes into making those spine tingling moments happen?

During her appearance on SiriusXM’s Sway in the Morning, Viola Davis revealed that she had actually thrown out her back while filming a raunchy sex scene with co-star Billy Brown, who plays Nate.

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“I blew my back out,” Davis laughed. “That was in the Billy Brown scene. He threw me up against a wall. I mean, look, all I can say is I was totally committed to the scene, but no, I just told them to slow it down for a minute.”

There seemed to be a question about whether Davis had decided to completely tap out on sex scenes in the show, but thankfully she let us know she’s only taking a break, not calling it quits.

“I’m going to get back into it. I have to. It’s Shondaland! They’re gonna have me doing all kinds of stuff with all kinds of people.”

We can’t wait until she gets back to her fun and steamy love scenes, but until then there’s plenty of other plot twists to keep us entertained!

Listen to a clip from the interview below. 


Ariel Leconte

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